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Our Wine Bottle Lanterns > Three Letter Monogram in Castellar
Three Letter Monogram in Castellar

Three Letter Monogram in Castellar
Three Letter Monogram in Castellar
Three Letter Monogram in Castellar

Three letter monograms give that extra special personalization that you may be looking for.  It's classic, unique and so special.  It is wonderful as a piece in your house, as a gift to someone for an anniversary, wedding or engagement or as a centerpiece for your own special event.

The bottle comes with a beautiful wax battery operated candle for you to put underneath.


This lantern style comes in three different sizes:

  • 750ml (standard wine bottle size) - $35
  • 1.5L (double the standard size)- $45
  • 3L (four times the standard size)-$85

Below is a picture that shows the difference between the three sizes:

 (from right to left: 1.5L burgundy shape, 3L Bordeaux shape, 750ml Bordeaux shape---)


Our 750ml lanterns come in two shapes- Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Bordeaux shape

The bordeaux shape has a higher neck and can has more room on the "face" to personalize.  The bordeaux bottles come in 750ml -they do NOT come in the 1.5L or the 3L though.

 Burgundy shape

The burgundy shaped bottle has a gradually sloping neck and a little less "face" space for personalization.  This bottle comes in the 750ml and the 1.5L size.


Bottle Color

We have several bottle color options to choose from. The most popular bottle color is antique green (which is available in all size bottles), however we also offer blue, amber and emerald green in the 750ml size.

The picture displayed here is in our 750ml antique green bordeaux bottle and does not include a date. All letters are in the "Castellar" font.

Each letter in the Castellar font is shown below.  





 Please indicate in the notes section when making your purchase if you would like something different then what is shown or you can email us at wordcouture@hotmail.com to explain what you are looking for.  Thanks!






Some important notes:


1.) When choosing the three letter monogram, remember that the ladies first name initial goes first, the last name initial goes in the middle and then the mans first name initial goes on the end.

2.) If you would like a date included on your lantern, please indicate that in the notes section of your order. It is suggested when ordering the burgundy shaped bottle that you decide to either design it without a date or without a border as it gives more space for the lettering and does not appear as croweded on the face of the lantern. It's our opinion that this style personalization goes best on the bordeaux shaped bottles if using a border.




We do not recommend using real candles with our wine bottle hurricane lanterns.  Not only do they make the bottle hot to the touch, but the soot from the candle will coat the inside of the bottle quickly taking away from the beauty of the piece. 

Our wine bottle lanterns are handcrafted and all are one of a kind. As a result, some variation in color, texture, dimensions and finish may exist. These irregularities are not considered flaws; they are part of the charm and uniqueness of the product.

Lantern Size:
Vinyl Color:
Bottle Shape:
Border/No Border:Border
No Border
Monogram Letters:
Date (optional):

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