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Our Wine Bottle Lanterns > The Trio- Monogrammed
The Trio- Monogrammed

The Trio- Monogrammed
The Trio- Monogrammed
The Trio- Monogrammed
The Trio- Monogrammed

The ultimate centerpiece!  Whether for a wedding or your dining room table, this set of three wine bottle hurricane lanterns is simply breathtaking even when not illuminated (but you should see it at night!) It includes a 3L, 1.5L and a 750ml bottle in antique green as well as three flameless candles for underneath.

We offer these bottles without personalization for $120 (see other listing)  however if you wanted add any sort of customization/personalization it will be $10 more for each bottle personalized.

The trio in the first and last picture is with all three lanterns personalized ($150).  The couple used the bride and grooms first name initials on the 750 and 1.5 sizes and the last name initial for the larger 3L.  Each letter is in the Castellar font with a square border.

Many couples choose to only use the last name intial for the large bottle and leave the other two lanterns in the trio unpersonalized ($130).


  • The 3L bottle is available in the bordeaux shape OR the burgundy shape.   
  • The 1.5L bottle is offered ONLY in the burgundy shape 
  • The 750ml bottle is available in the burgundy or bordeaux shape

You will be able to pick the shape of each bottle in the trio when personalizing your lantern.

Font Choices

Personalization:No personalization $120.00
One Lantern Personalized $130.00
Two Lanterns Personalized $140.00
Three Lanterns Personalized $150.00
Please indicate which bottles should be monogrammed and with which letter:
750ml bottle shape:
3 liter bottle shape:

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