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Our Wine Bottle Lanterns > Single Letter Monogram
Single Letter Monogram

Single Letter Monogram
Single Letter Monogram
Single Letter Monogram
#01 Single Letter Monogram

A single letter monogram is classic, timeless and beautiful.  You can give this as a gift to an individual or a couple to use either inside on a table or outside on the patio.  Not only is it a great gift for others but a wonderful gift for yourself!

As you design your single monogram wine hurricane lantern, you can personalize it by picking the bottle size, color, vinyl color and whether you would like script (Passions) or block (Castellar) font.

Your lantern comes beautifully and carefully wrapped with a flameless candle that goes underneath.


This lantern style comes in three different sizes:

  • 750ml (standard wine bottle size) - $25
  • 1.5L (double the standard size)- $35
  • 3L (four times the standard size)-$75

Below is a picture that shows the difference between the three sizes:



Most of our 750 ml (standard bottle size) lanterns come in two shapes- Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Bordeaux shape

The bordeaux shape has a higher neck and can has more room on the "face" to personalize.  The bordeaux bottles come in 750ml. 


Burgundy shape

The burgundy shaped bottle has a gradually sloping neck and a little less "face" space for personalization.  This bottle comes in the 750ml, 1.5L and the 3L size.


Bottle Color

We have several bottle color options to choose from. The most popular bottle color is antique green (which is available in all size bottles), however we also offer blue, amber and emerald green in the 750ml size. 

All of the bottles shown in the pictures were done in the antique green bottles.



Bottle Size:
Vinyl Color:
Font/Border Choice:
Bottle Shape:
Letter Choice:
Bottle Color:

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