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Where do you get your bottles? TOP

Ohhh...so glad you asked!  We're proud of the fact that we use recycled wine bottles from local restaurants, vineyards and bars who would normally not recycle them - they would have otherwise ended up at a landfill.  And we have some very dedicated friends who like to help our cause by drinking as much wine as possible to provide us with empties!

However, we do have to purchase the 3L bottles from a bottle supplier as they are almost impossible to find in recycle bins!

How are the bottles personalized? TOP

Once you have decided what type of personalization you would like on your bottle,  we load that information into a computer program and cut your design out of permanent vinyl.  We weed the background out of the sheet and your design is left.  It is then transfered to your bottle!

What is the difference between a bordeaux and a burgundy shaped bottle? TOP

That is a good question!  The most simple answer is the shape and the length of the neck.

The Bordeaux bottle is straight sided with high, steep shoulders. It is usually made with dark green glass for red wines, light green for white wines, and clear for dessert wines. It is the most widely used bottle shape in the world for red wine, and is used by most wineries for Cabernet Sauvignon , Merlot, Malbec and Meritage or Bordeaux blends. The Bordeaux bottle is also generally used for Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon; the primary grape varieties used in the production of white wines in Bordeaux.

See below:


The Burgundy bottle has a shallow slope-shouldered shape for both reds and whites, in either light green, or occasionally clear glass. Accordingly, many New World versions of the Burgundian varieties - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Gamay - are offered in Burgundy bottles.

See below:

How are your bottles made? TOP

First we scour the local restaurants, bars and vineyards looking for discarded, beautiful wine bottles.  Next, we thoroughly clean them, take the labels and glue off, remove the bottoms off the bottles for a nice clean cut.  Then we sand the bottoms to smooth out any rough edges and wash them thoroughly again. Then it's ready for personalization!  We use a design program and vinyl cutter to cut the saying or monogram of your choice.  Then we remove the unwanted vinyl and apply the vinyl to your bottle. 

How long will it take for me to receive my order? TOP

Each bottle is hand cut and polished and no two are alike!  We take great care in handling and personalizing your bottle and ship it out as soon as it is completed. The entire process takes about one week and if you add shipping time you should receive your bottle within two weeks of your order date.

If for some reason you need it sooner, please contact us and we'll see if there is any options we have to speed up the process for you.

Can I get a discount if I order a large quantity of wine lanterns for an event? TOP

If you are having an event and need bottles for favors or centerpieces, please contact us for special discounted pricing.

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